Publication by I. Popescu & S. Aflaki of “Managing Retention in Service Relationships”, in Management Science, Février 2014, vol. 60, pp. 415-433

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I. Popescu et S. Aflaki “Managing Retention in Service Relationships” Management Science, février 2014, vol 60, n°2, pp.415-433

Publication by Giada di Stefano, A. King, & G. Verona of “Kitchen Confidential? Norms for the Use of Transferred Knowledge in Gourmet Cuisine”, Strategic Management Journal, november 2014, vol 35, n° 11, pp 1645-1670

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Kitchen Confidential, article from Giada di Stefano

Publication by Rodolphe Durand “The Fruitfulness of disagreement – Reading “Logics of Organization Theory” (Hannan, Polos and Carroll, 2007) and “the Ememrgence of Organizations and Markets (Padgett and Powell, 2012), Academy of Management Review, juillet 2014, vol 39, n°3, pp 387-406

Publication by Rodolphe Durand and Joep Cornelissen of “Learning forward: Developping theoretical contributions in management studies”, Journal of Management Studies, september 2014, vol 51, n°6, pp. 995-1022

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Moving forward, article from Rodolphe Durand

Publication by Dalhia Mani & J. Miidy of “Moving beyond Stylized Economic Network Models: The Hybrid World of the Indian Firm Ownership Network” American Journal of Sociology, may 2014, vol 119, n°6, pp. 1629-1669

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Moving Beyond Stylized Economic Network Models, article Dalhia Mani

Publication by Tomasz Obloj of “Firm-Specific Human Capital, Adverse Learning, and Agency Costs: Evidence from Retail Banking” in Strategic Management Journal, September 2014, vol 35, n°9,pp, 1279-1301

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This paper explores conflicting implications of firm by Tomasz Obloj

JMS – special Issue on Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship

Journal of Management Studies : Special Issue on Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship – Submission deadline : January 15, 2015

Journal of Management Studies

Publication of a chapter by Professor Diane-Laure Arjalies : “Understanding Organizational Creativity: Insights from Pragmatism’ (July 2013)

Understanding Organizational Creativity: Insights from Pragmatism’, with B. Simpson and P. Lorino, American Pragmatism and Organization Studies, edited by M. Kelemen and N. Rumens, Gower Press, July 2013, p.131-145.

2 Publications by Professor Diane-Laure Arjalies, this summer : the first in the Journal of Business Ethics, & the other in Management Accounting Research (special issue).

‘Challengers from within Economic Institutions: A Second-Class Social movement? A response to Déjean, Giamporcaro, Gond, Leca and Penalva-Icher’s comment on French SRI’, in Journal of Business Ethics, available on line :

‘The Use of Management Control Systems to Formulate and Implement CSR Strategy: A Levers of Control Perspective’, with J. Mundy, Management Accounting Research, special issue on “Challenges for management accounting arising from the sustainable development agenda”, available on line

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